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Hammy's Fishing Draws a Crowd

There was a crowd at the Wyrmhaven dock Sunday afternoon! Hammy had the ham radio spinning tunes while everyone enjoyed three rounds of 7Seas fishing. Among the crowd could be seen Tea, Sealy, Ukaleq, Ing, Magnek, sleepy, Jaye, JaseWolf, Demrias, Jan, Akay, Araya, Wilsa, Zen and Imogene Seraphine. Here are the winners:

Round 1: Sealy, Ingwaz, Demrias, Jan, and Magnek
Round 2: Ukaleq, Demrias, Jan, Ing, and Sealy
Round 3: Sealy, Wilsa, Ta, Magnek and Akay

Join hammy for another three rounds of fishing next Sunday, July 1 at 2:00 PM

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