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More Surprising Bingo

A nice sized crowd showed up for bingo on July 5h, that included Demrias, Jan, Annaa, Rejara, Akay, Qwibble, Noobie, Jaye, Sleepy, Magnek, Linn, Tea, JaseWolf, DanelleDee and Ysemaranda. IoW Demrias Araranth added extra lindens to the prize pot and the bingo game never fails to surprise with a double win on one of the rounds. Are winners were:

Round 1: hammy, Rejara and Tea
Round 2: hammy, Jaye, and Linn
Round 3: Yesmaranda, DanelleDee, hammy and Rejara

Join us next Thursday, July 12 at 2 PM for the next Bingo.

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