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August Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing

Hammy managed to return after his internet problems so a later-than-usual Birthday/Rezz Day fishing was held August 10th. The contests were made more interesting with some larger than usual pots and bait buckets to the first place winners. For the three baited rounds, the winners were:

Ingwaz Thor won L$221
Demrias Amaranth won L$158
DanelleDee Resident won L$94
Tea Gupte won L$94
Magnek Fang won L$63

DanelleDee Resident won L$396
Akay Utu won L$283
Magnek Fang won L$169
Tea Gupte won L$169
Demrias Amaranth won L$113

DanelleDee Resident won L$208
Magnek Fang and Demrias Amaranth are tied for 3rdMagnek Fang won L$125

Join us September 5th for the next Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing.

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