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New Bingo Location Brings Quick Rounds

Well, what can we say? If its Bingo, its gonna be exciting! We are settled into our new Bingo location that has a lovely view of Archaea. A nice crowd showed up who included sleepy, Jax, Bugger, Jan, Qwibble, Jaye, Linn, Annaa and Magnek. There was a very quick first round with numbers flying onto everyone's cards. The second round was equally fast, with one winner and then a triple win. The last round was pretty typical. Our winners this week are:

Round 1: Qwibble, Annaa, and Jaye
Round 2: Sleepy, Jan, Jaye and jax
Round 3: Jan, Jax and Bugger.

Join us next Thursday, August 23d at 2 PM for our next Bingo.

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