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Bingo Results for August 23rd

We had a nice crowd at our new bingo location today - many making it just in time after another sim event. We very much appreciate all who try to support multiple sims and events!

Today's crowd consisted of Jax, sleepy, Magnek, jax, Noobie, Annaa, Qwibble, Rhia, Linn, Fienchen, Luri and hammy.

Bingo did not fail to surprise us this week and round two had another triple win. A maintenance crew has been dispatched to see if some magic or other action is causing all of the simultaneous wins (grins). The winners this week with a bonus round were:

Round 1: Qwibble and a triple win by jax, Jaye and Rhia
Round 2: Magnek, Jaye and jax
Round 3: Luri, Jaye and Magnek
Bonus Round: sleepy, Annaa and Fienchen

Join us next Thursday, August 30th at 2 PM for the next Bingo.

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