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Fishing Brings a Crowd August 26th

Now that hammy's internet issues are over, a large crowd gathered at the Wyrmhaven dock to enjoy his tunes and three rounds of unbaited fishing. Seen among the fishers were Demrias, Merxual, Magnek, Annaa, Bea, FireFury, Akay, Noobie, Jaye, sleepy, Cora, Jan Enid, Thunderbolt, Tea, Ukaleq and Liam.

This week's winners were:

Round 1: sleepy, Noobie, FireFury, Akay and Ing
Round 2: Cora, Nerxual, Noobie, And Annaa and Tea Tied for 5th
Round 3: Noobie, Jan and Akay tied for 2d, FireFury and Annaa tied for 5th

Join us next Sunday, 2 PM September 2d for hammy's next fishing.

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