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Hi everyone its Kath McGill the IOW Librarian!

Snow has sort of push..er, directed me to mention a project of my own that involves the IOW and St. Tiggys.

(yeah yeah, Snow ok, OK I will tell them!!)

years ago I wrote a trio of books involving the creation of Daryth Kennedys hedgehog (with her full permission) and there were some continuety errors in them and... Stuff happened (like I married Ryu and had to deal with work and family and stuff ) so I never had a chance to really fix things until now.

and its really cool because not only was I able to re upload to SL and republish but also have the first of the series published on Amazon.

The first book is called Annie Hedgehog, Sometimes.
It tells the story of a young hedgehog who has been told by her brothers not to dawdle or she might get left behind!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these books in RL will be used to adopt animals at St. Tiggys in england, Daryths favorite charity.

So far Clive the polecat (now since retired from adoption) and Logan the wolvereen have been adopted! the animals put up for adoption do change over time, so there is always something needing assistance as well as bandage packs and food and medication for the many animals of St Tiggys.

You can find my authors page on Amazon.com as Aunt Kath and more information regarding St. Tiggys here! Please consider donating to them as they truly do remarkable work.


There are two more hedgehog books coming, and!!

Jan Ross has been kind enough to translate Annie Hedghog into french, so that will be on the shelves soon.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have in creating them for you.

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