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My Favorite Things Fashion Show 2019

IoW is looking for participants for the annul fashion show, a show with its own unique spin.

Instead of it being all about designers, this show will be all about the models. Designers create a lot of nice apparel but this show is about the people and what they really like to wear.

What this means, is people can get all dressed up and show off their favorite outfits. Only two outfits per person allowed.

The outfit can either be a special one you already have and love, or it can be an outfit by a designer who would like you to model something special.

An IoW Host will talk about the whole look including outfit and things like hair, shoes, accessories, who made them, etc


Only space for a limited number of models so speak up early to get a spot in the show.

A person must attend the show to wear and display the outfit. IoW will try to provide models if ask well in advance of show

You can select any outfit you really like, but if you have several favorites then you might consider selecting something for summer, or for upcoming events that will be here soon.

Model and/or designer must submit a notecard with the outfit description to be read by the host.

To enter, participant select their outfit and submit a notecard describing the whole look including things like hair, shoes, accessories along with who made them by the entry date.

Date to enter by and submit your notecard is June 1st 2019
Late entries might be possible but only it there is space available. Judging by last year late entries should not expect to get in.

The show will be:
Sat June 8th
1:00 pm second life time

You can find examples from the photos taken last year: here.

Location of the show here.

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