Personalities - Entries from February 2018

  • February, 2018
  • Gracie Saint Possum Introduction

    Gracie Saint Possum was born in Possumneck, Mississippi, and attended school and Possum College before moving to New Orleans to pursue her dreams of music stardom.

    She knocked around the French Quarter for a couple of years, playing with different street bands, scraping by on tips and free eating out of dumpsters from some of the country's best restaurants. After a while, this lifestyle became too hardscrabble, and as she got older she looked for something that would pay enough to have an apartment and regular food.

    She hooked up with some other musicians, and did studio work for some of the best zydeco musicians, such as Zachary Richard and Terrence Simeon, getting regular gigs during Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest in clubs and outdoor festivals, until at last her reputation spread to the rock world.

    She continued to do studio work for such rock superstars as Aerosmith and David Bowie, then spend a tour with Van Halen while their drummer was ill.

    Tired of the biggie world, she discovered Raglan Shire through friends, and was discovered by Snow Scarmon, and offered a job with the Tiny Maniacs. The rest is history!

    In addition to playing with the Tiny Maniacs, Gracie is the current mayor of Limbo Village.
  • Toady Nakamura Introduction

    Toady has been teaching in SL since March 2007, every week at least one class, but for a few emergencies and class breaks. Class is for beginner on up... sometimes people who can't build at all observe a class or two, take home the notes and supplies, practice and by week three or four, they're just as good as everyone else! Class makes scripted objects that do things, not just stuff that sits there. Questions answered, riverdances danced... almost 11 years now!! Toady says, "I hope my class is kinda combination montessori school and Beijing Opera -then I feel successful, and everyone learns... because you learn more when you laugh"

    Toady's class is at the Isle of Wyrms sandbox every Tuesday at 5pm. There is no reservation or fee requirement, but tips are welcome. You can find out more about Toady and her classes in her blog.
  • Izo Ryba Introduction


    I'm one of the staff at IoW.

    I host Toady's build class in the sandbox on Tuesdays at 5pm SLT, and generally help out with building and keeping an eye on things on Limbo and Cathedral.

    I maintain one of Hammy's fishing sites is over my lot in Gazoo.

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