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  • June, 2018
  • Fun In The Sun At The Gazoo Pool!

    As part of IoW's Solstice Celebration weekend, a large crowd gathered at the Gazoo pool to pawty Friday afternoon. DJ Ing spun classic rock and pop tunes from the 60's, 70's and 80's while nearly twenty creatures of all kinds rocked the dance floor. The crowd enjoyed trivia and a beach ball game which helped spread linden love to the winners. Aminata Potez did a marvelous job decorating the pool area for this special event, and the the pool remains open to those who want to enjoy the summer sun. Stop by and check it out here. Pictured in the inner tube is snow Scarmon. Photo Credit: Aminata Potez.
  • IoW Staff Promotion

    After the Summer Solstice ceremony on June 23, IoW Guide Ingwaz (Ing) Thor was promoted to IoW Mentor.

    According to IoW references, "Mentors are the chosen few that stand out from the Guide pool in regards to their dedication, knowledge, personality and aptitude. Mentors help the big Isle of Wyrms events or projects. Mentors are highly trusted members of the Isle of Wyrms staff. Mentors may post notices to the IoW Citizens group."

  • Gertie Gazoo Retires

    We were sad recently to receive this notice from much loved Gertie Gazoo. We wish her much happiness in retirement and expect to still see her around IoW:

    "I gertie gazoo step away and retire as elder of iow

    In my place iow shall be run by the elders of iow and the more the competent staff members

    I look to you all to communicate with each other on all channels given.
    Conference hall, discord and the new calander

    ANYONE is allowed to create and run events

    As iow is not one person it is us as a whole

    If you as our next generation of staff goes forward with heads held high and with all ideas considered. Iow will continue to be a strong loving community.

    Every single person is important. No one person can make this happen alone.

    Keep IOW heart beating by coming together.

    I love you all so much and know this does not mean I am quiting - am simply passing the cookie to you the next generation

    Hatchie dragon hugs to all"
  • Snow's Sekrit Birthday Party a Success!

    Animinata Potez skillfully pulled together a sekrit birthday party for our own snow Scarmon yesterday. Kelpfish spun terrific tunes while over twenty people danced their avatar butts off near the Gazoo pool. A good time was had by all!
  • We're in Google Calendar!

    Check out our new IoW Google Calendar!

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