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  • August, 2018
  • Another Surprising Day at Bingo

    Bingo continues to surprise us! There was a nice gathering of participants that included Kath, Magnek, Qwibble, Annaa, Ferret, Tea, Akay, Danelle, hammy, sleepy, Jay and Noobie. In typical fashion, the bingo roller turned out an unexpected event.

    Round 1 went ot Akay, Ferret and Jaye.
    Round 2 went to first hammy, then Kath - and exploded with a four person win for third place that included Danelle, Akay, Annaa and Noobie.
    Round 3 winners were Tea, Magnek and hammy.

    Join us next Thursday, September 6th at 2 PM
  • Tinywood Squares Results for August 26th

    Our weekly Sunday gathering was all about TV shows. Snow hosted the event and Gracie and Rejara were the contestants. Celebrity participants included Rhia, Linn, Seth, Brother Frog (in the middle), Ing, Jan, Tommy and Benny. Rejara was the overall winner for this week, and snow delivered a dog hat to everyone in honor of national dog day as the secret square prize.

    Join us for the next Tinywood Squares at 10:30 AM September 2d.
  • Fishing Brings a Crowd August 26th

    Now that hammy's internet issues are over, a large crowd gathered at the Wyrmhaven dock to enjoy his tunes and three rounds of unbaited fishing. Seen among the fishers were Demrias, Merxual, Magnek, Annaa, Bea, FireFury, Akay, Noobie, Jaye, sleepy, Cora, Jan Enid, Thunderbolt, Tea, Ukaleq and Liam.

    This week's winners were:

    Round 1: sleepy, Noobie, FireFury, Akay and Ing
    Round 2: Cora, Nerxual, Noobie, And Annaa and Tea Tied for 5th
    Round 3: Noobie, Jan and Akay tied for 2d, FireFury and Annaa tied for 5th

    Join us next Sunday, 2 PM September 2d for hammy's next fishing.
  • Bingo Results for August 23rd

    We had a nice crowd at our new bingo location today - many making it just in time after another sim event. We very much appreciate all who try to support multiple sims and events!

    Today's crowd consisted of Jax, sleepy, Magnek, jax, Noobie, Annaa, Qwibble, Rhia, Linn, Fienchen, Luri and hammy.

    Bingo did not fail to surprise us this week and round two had another triple win. A maintenance crew has been dispatched to see if some magic or other action is causing all of the simultaneous wins (grins). The winners this week with a bonus round were:

    Round 1: Qwibble and a triple win by jax, Jaye and Rhia
    Round 2: Magnek, Jaye and jax
    Round 3: Luri, Jaye and Magnek
    Bonus Round: sleepy, Annaa and Fienchen

    Join us next Thursday, August 30th at 2 PM for the next Bingo.
  • My Favorite Things Fashion Show

    IoW is looking for participants for a new kind of fashion show.

    Instead of it being all about designers, this show will be all about the models. Designers create a lot of nice apparel but this show is about the people and what they really like to wear.

    What this means, is people can get all dressed up and show off their favorite outfits. Only two outfits allowed.

    The outfit can either be a special one you already have and love, or it can be an outfit by a designer who would like you to model something special.

    An IoW Host will talk about the whole look including outfit and things like hair, shoes, accessories, who made them, etc


    Only space for a limited number of models so speak up early to get a spot in the show.

    A person must attend the show to wear and display the outfit. IoW will not provide models.

    You can select any outfit you really like, but if you have several favorites then you might consider selecting something for fall, or for medieval days that will be here soon.

    Model and/or designer must submit a notecard with the outfit description to be read by the host.

    Date to enter by: 25 August 2018
    Date ot submit Notecard By: 25 August 2018 to RayRay Mumfuzz

    Sat Sept 1st
    1:00 pm second life time

  • Sand Castle Build Contest Opens September 3rd

    Sand castle build contest info and rules

    Contestants are asked to create a sand castle entirely with prims, every thing has to be done by you, and it has to be new build. You can use all the textures you want. Creativity and imagination are the main tools you need.


    Entries are accepted from 3 September through 17 September. Voting will be between 18 and 22 September. The winner will be announced 23 September. No extension of time will be allowed.

    Taxi to the contest area.

    60 prims maximum or less but not over

    Size has to be 2 X 2 meters and at least 3 meters high. It can be higher, but be reasonable.

    Each sand castle has to be named with a special name. Let your imagination flow to find a good name (try to not used already existing name like: Camelot).

    You have 3 weeks to make your sand castle

    3 winners would be choosen by popular votes. Votes should be cast for the build, and not for the person who made it. We are judging on creativity and imagination .

    Good luck to every one and have fun
    (if you have questions feel free to ask snow Scarmon, Demrias Amaranth or Ing (Ingwaz Thor).


    A total 1000 L$ will be offered and split between the 3 winners
    First place 500 L$
    Second place 300 L$
    Third place 200 L$

    As a bonus, every contestant will have a picture taken with their sand castle that will be shown in our art gallery and on our blog.

  • Tinywood Squares August 19th

    Typical hilarity reigned Sunday as "celebrity" participants filled the Tinywood square boxes and prepared to face questions about TV game shows. Host snow Scarmon and contestants Linn and RayRay all did their best to cover the game with X's and O's. The first round went to Linn, and the second round went to RayRay. The thirds round was a tie but Linn had the most points and was the winner.

    Join us next Sunday, August 26 at 10:30 for our next Tinywood Squares.
  • Fishing With Hammy August 19th

    We were happy to see hammy is continuing to stay in second life despite some major internet issues! This week's fishing brought a crowd who included Magnek, Wayne, sleepy, Jaye, Jambr, Danelle, Noobie, Ukaleq, Ing, Liam, Demrias, Tea, Jax, and Bloodfang. The winners this week were:

    Round 1: Jambr, Magnek, Ing, Danelle, and Noobie
    Round 2: Ukaleq, Jambr, Jax, Noobie, and Magnek
    Round 3: Dem, Ukaleq and a three-way tie between Tea, Jax and Noobie

    Join us Sunday, August 26 at 2 PM for the next fishing with hammy.
  • New Bingo Location Brings Quick Rounds

    Well, what can we say? If its Bingo, its gonna be exciting! We are settled into our new Bingo location that has a lovely view of Archaea. A nice crowd showed up who included sleepy, Jax, Bugger, Jan, Qwibble, Jaye, Linn, Annaa and Magnek. There was a very quick first round with numbers flying onto everyone's cards. The second round was equally fast, with one winner and then a triple win. The last round was pretty typical. Our winners this week are:

    Round 1: Qwibble, Annaa, and Jaye
    Round 2: Sleepy, Jan, Jaye and jax
    Round 3: Jan, Jax and Bugger.

    Join us next Thursday, August 23d at 2 PM for our next Bingo.
  • August 9th Bingo Surprises

    A nice crowd gathered in our temporary Bingo location for three rounds of bingo August 9th. The first round started out with a bang with a triple win for third place. Those in attendance were: Danelle, Luri, Jaye, Philberta, Annaa, Rejara, Qwibble, Sleepy, Bun, Jan, and Noobie. Our winners were:

    Round 1: Bun, Philberta, Jaye, Anna and Rejara
    Round 2: Philberta, Sleepy, and Qwibble
    Round 3: Luri, Qwibble and Annaa

    Join us August 16th at 2 PM for our next Bingo.
  • August Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing

    Hammy managed to return after his internet problems so a later-than-usual Birthday/Rezz Day fishing was held August 10th. The contests were made more interesting with some larger than usual pots and bait buckets to the first place winners. For the three baited rounds, the winners were:

    Ingwaz Thor won L$221
    Demrias Amaranth won L$158
    DanelleDee Resident won L$94
    Tea Gupte won L$94
    Magnek Fang won L$63

    DanelleDee Resident won L$396
    Akay Utu won L$283
    Magnek Fang won L$169
    Tea Gupte won L$169
    Demrias Amaranth won L$113

    DanelleDee Resident won L$208
    Magnek Fang and Demrias Amaranth are tied for 3rdMagnek Fang won L$125

    Join us September 5th for the next Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing.

  • Mayhem Reigns at Tinywood Squares

    It was another crazy week of Tinywood Squares! "Celebrity" participants were Benny, Ing, Jan, Brother Frog (in the middle), Rejara, Seth, Gracie, Donny and Linn - a full house! Contestants this week were RayRay and Idminx. RayRay also spun some awesome tunes while the games were played. Snow was a consummate host. One round went to RayRay and two rounds went to Idminx, making Idminx the overall winner.

    Join us Sunday, August 12 at 10:30 AM for our next Tinywood Squares
  • Bingo is Back!

    Ing has returned from holiday and Bingo is back in IoW. To celebrate the return, August 2d Bingo was four rounds with three winners each. Here are the lucky winners:

    Round 1: Fienchen, Anna, and Noobie
    Round 2: Rejara, Fienchen and Tea
    Round 3: Sleepy, Fienchen and Danelle
    Round 4: Noobie, Magnek and Fienchen

    Fienchen was obviously wearing a lucky shirt! Join us for our next Bingo on August 9 at 2 PM.
  • Hammy's Internet Down

    Our good friend and fishing contest coordinator hammy is having internet issues. Until the problem is resolved, fishing will be suspended.
  • Kitty Talks Couponing

    IoW was fortunate to host Kitty Haung yesterday. Kitty shared her tips for saving real life money by using coupons with a group that gathered in the Cathedral kitchen.

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