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  • September, 2018
  • Scales and Tails Dragon Party

    Join us on the first Friday of every month for our new Scales and Tails Dragon Party. Come with your dragon avatar, or any piece of prim that relates to or about a dragon. This will be open air so there will be lots of room for wing waving and claw stomping fun. Our first party is October 5th at 2 PM.

    For those of you who would like to wear a dragon avatar but do not have one yet, here are a few options:

    Isle of Wyrms Welcome Center - Free Hatchlings

    Daryth Kennedy Hatchlings

    Dragon Forge Dinkie Dwagon

    Grendel's Children Dragon Avatars

    Prehistorica Dragon
  • Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing Returns to Market

    On September 6, Isle of Wyrms Birthday/Rezz Day fishing returned to its original location in the marketplace. A nice crowd joined together for the return, and some larger pots were seen to mark the occasion. Here are our winners:

    Round 1: Akay, Magnek, Jan, Demrias and Anna
    Round 2: Jan, Demrias, Akay, Annaa and Magnek
    Round 3: Magnek, Jan, Akay, Demrias, and Annaa

    The return to the Markket is permanent and the former location near the Cathedral will be used in rotation for hammy's Sunday fishing.

    Join us next Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing on Wednesday, October 3rd at 3 PM.
  • My Favorite Things Fashion Show a Hit

    Isle of Wyrm's My Favortie Things Fashion Show was a real crowd pleaser! We had twenty-two outfits to view from individuals and designers. The show was hosted by RayRay Mumfuzz and narrated by Ingwaz Thor. The set design was done by Aminata Potez and Snow Scarmon. It was a unique blending of favorite outfits - either complete as received, or put together from several different outfits to create something new and unique. You can view the slides from the show here.
  • Sand Castle Build Contest is Still Open

    Interest is picking up and since the sand castle build contest opened September 3rd, there have already been six entries. You have plenty of time left to get yours built and entered, however - we are accepting entries until September 17th. Thus far, we have castles from Izo, Ciderjack, Em, Kath, Fiona and Pie. When you place your build don't forget that you'll need to give it a name. Good luck everyone and we look forward to seeing more entries!

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