News - Entries from November 2018

  • November, 2018
  • IoW Yard Sale

    Hey everybody Wootmas is coming! yay! We will having a yard sale to help benefit our beloved Isle of Wyrms. So gather together all that good stuff you have built, drawn, or transferable items from your inventory! Let's make this happen and show our love for Isle of Wryms! we can all do this! the If you need info contact either Amelie Hold (dj passion) or Izo Ryba. You can visit the yard sale location here.
  • The Hatchies Are Back!

    After a short time of unavailability, Daryth Kennedy's dragon hatchie avatars are available at the second life market. You can find them here. All proceeds go to support IoW.
  • New Isle of Wyrms Gift Shop Needs Your Donations

    Greetings Creators!

    Isle of Wyrms is setting up a Gift Shop as a fund raising venue to help cover sim costs.

    We are contacting people like you who might be willing to help by donating full perm creation(s) for us to sell. We will of course sell the merchandise according to your TOS with C/M/T as you specify.

    All types of PG items would be appropriate.

    Please send your merchandise along with a notecard with the Item(s) names, your name, and your TOS to: Isleofwyrmsop Resident

    You can visit the Gift Shop here.
  • New IoW Transportation Hub!

    Onix has put in an awesome transportation hub in IoW - It will take you the Welcome Center, IoW Market, Cathedral, Gameday and the Concert Venue. Look for the big spinning circles.
  • Fundraising for Skippy

    Pieni has a terrific picture of Skippy waiting for you to take home for the very reasonable sum of L$100 which will be donated to Skippy to help defray medical costs that occurred. You can find the donations box here near the Tinywood Squares game in Limbo.

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