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  • December, 2018
  • IoW Winterfest Holiday Build Contest - Home for the Holiday

    You are invited to decorate a small house in a holiday theme

    To enter go at the contest area and get your house by buying one for 0L$.

    You are free to use the textures and decorations of your choice.

    You are allowed some flexible in land-impact but try not to go over 50

    Voting will be based on both appearance and originality of decorations of your build.

    Most of all have fun with your decorations and let your imagination flow.

    The contest runs from Dec 14th to Dec 20th.

    Voting is open Dec 21th through 3:00 on Dec 22nd.

    The winners will be announced at the Winterfest party that starts at 2:00 pm Dec 22nd.

    1,000 for the winner, 500 for 2nd, place, 250 for 3rd place.

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