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Last week found some happy winning avs at Isle of Wryms! Here's how our weekly games turned out:

Bingo on March 29. We had 3 games with 3 winners each. The Bingo wheel was greased for speed!
Round 1: Annaa, sleepy & Rhia
Round 2: Rhia, Magnek and sleepy
Round 3 Rhia Annaa & sleepy

Tinywood Squares was on April 1. Host RayRay spun some great tunes and the participants came up with some interesting answers. The three round winners were:

Hammy hosted fishing later in the day and added the element of Easter trivia to the fishing competition. There is no doubt that Sigsig won hands down on trivia. The fishing winners were:
Round 1: Liam, Sealy, Amy827, Demrias and Magnek
Round 2: Liam, Demrias, Amy827 and Sealy tied, and Magnek
Round 3: Otter, Sigsig, Ing, Magnek and Demrias

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