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Taco Build Contest

Isle of Wyrms Cinco de Mayo Build Contest
May 5, 2018

All entries must include either the mesh taco or prim taco that comes with this notecard. The accompanying textures may or may not be used. The build package includes:

Mesh Taco
Beef Shadow
Beef UV
Lettuce UV
Taco Shadow
Taco UV
Tomato UV

Prim Taco
swiss cheese
taco shell 5

You can pick up the taco building supplies here.

Entries can be built on or off the IoW grounds and the finished piece can either be wearable or rezzable. If rezzable, the finished build can not exceed 50 prim.

All entries must either be worn or rezzed at the Cinco de Mayo party platform no later than 12 noon. SLT on May 5, 2018.

Only one entry per avatar.

Any prim, scripts or textures of your choice may be added to create the your entry.

When the entry is finished, if it is to be rezzed, all pieces must be linked as one and not exceed 50 prim.

There will be a first, second and third winner chosen by a panel of judges. Prize amounts will be:

1st: L$300
2nd: L$200
3rd: L$100

There will also be a people's choice award. Contestants must enter the People's Choice contest board if they want to be considered for that category. If the entry is wearable, the contestant must wear and show it during the Cinco de Mayo party so that people can see the finished piece and vote on it.

Prize amount for People's Choice award is:


If one or more of these requirements are not followed, the entry will be disqualified.

If you have any questions about the contest I'm happy to answer them.

Ingwaz Thor
IoW Guide

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