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This Week's Fishing Results

It was a busy week of fishing for folks around IoW! hammy hosted our weekly Sunday unbaited fishing on April 29, and our monthly Rezz Day/Birthday celebration with baited fishing on May 2nd. Here are our lucky winners:

April 29
Round 1: Chance, Sealy, Magnek, Demrias, and Zen
Round 2: Pickle, Zen, Sealy, Wilsa, and Ing
Round 3: Oops! The recorder failed to write down the winners!

May 2:
Round 1: Liam, DanelleDee, Demrias, Magnek, and Ing
Round 2: Otter, Tea, DanelleDee, Jan, Ing and Magnek (we had TWO ties in this round!)
Round 3: Ing, Kayak, Akay, DanelleDee, and Magnek

Join us for our next round of unbaited fishing on April 6

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