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Friendship Poem Contest

Poems about friendship

Write a small poem about what friendship means to you. It must be original work. It cannot be copied from a book or a website . This means, It has to be your own words and ideas.

Your poem can be any size you wish it be, but try to stay reasonable,

You will have up to 3 weeks to find your idea and write your poem at the end of these 3 weeks your text should be exposed at the contest area , if not you would lost your chance to participate.

There will be three winners, and their work will be shown somewhere in Isle of Wyrms and they will also receive a linden prize .

Good luck to everyone

total in prize 600 L$

#1 place winner - 300 L$

#2 place winner - 200 L$

#3 place winner - 100 L$

Poems must be submitted by July 1st.
Voting will done on the following week and winners are to be named the 8th July.

Contact Demrias Amarath for more information.

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