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Fishing Results for June 17th

Father's day fishing with hammy spinning tunes - does a Father's day get any better than that? We started out with quite a crowd at the Gazoo fishing location. Some of the folks who turned out included (in no particular order), Tea, Liam, Chance, Magnek, Demrias, Sealy, Akay, Jambr and yours truly (sorry if I missed anyone). Winners for the three rounds were:

Round 1: Ing, Chance, Magnek, Jambr and Demrias
Round 2: Magnek, Jambr, Sealy, Liam and Ing
Round 3: Sealy, Akay, Magnek, Jamr and Liam

Join us next Sunday, June 24th at 2 PM for another fun fishing event.

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