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  • February, 2018
  • For Rent: 110 Refuge

    For just $L100 a week for 100 prim, you get a lovely stump house in the country side. You can visit it here.
  • For Rent: 108 Refuge

    For just $L300 a week for 250 prim, you get a lovely stump house in the country side. You can visit it here.
  • Limbo Village Offers Low Cost Housing

    Looking for a lovely place to call home with lots of other Tinies? Limbo Village might be the place for you. Check out our Limbo Village map, take a stroll around the place and let the staff know if you have any questions.
  • How Much Is That?

    Ever wonder what you are really paying for rent (or for that matter, anything) in Second Life? It will of course be effected by changes to the exchange rate, but here is how it looks on average.
  • Make IoW Your Home

    ~By snow Scarmon

    In response to numerous requests over the last year IoW has expanded rental opportunities to include a wider range of styles, locations and prices available. Prices start for as little as 30$L per week (roughly .50 cent per month). For more information contact IoW staff or just enjoy a nice stroll around the sim and be sure and check out Limbo Village.
  • Izo Ryba Introduction


    I'm one of the staff at IoW.

    I host Toady's build class in the sandbox on Tuesdays at 5pm SLT, and generally help out with building and keeping an eye on things on Limbo and Cathedral.

    I maintain one of Hammy's fishing sites is over my lot in Gazoo.
  • Isle of Wyrms Flicker Photos

    Miss the last terrific event @ Isle of Wyrms? Want to see yourself in technicolor glory from the event you just attended? Take a look at the Isle of Wyrms Flicker Account! Thanks in advance to Tia who will be helping post fabulous photos of our awesome events!
  • Gracie's Birthday Rocks the Sim

    Well, they say what happens at the party stays at the party, but we can tell you this much....Gracie St. Possum's birthday party was one for our memory books. Nearly forty friends attended and with RayRay spinning the tunes, there was no way not to dance your Av off! Happy Birthday to our lovely Mayor.
  • Isle of Wyrms Welcome Center

    ~ By snow Scarmon

    For a long time IoW has wanted to create a dedicated welcome center and now we can.

    Our Welcome Center has found a home as part of the the IoW Community Marketplace. The new IoW Welcome Center will be a place for information of all kinds, as well as freebies, books, things to do, gestures, useful tutorials and much more.

    There will also be a suggestion drop box there for questions, ideas and questions about volunteering.

  • Isle of Wyrms Community Market Center

    ~ By snow scarmon

    If you are looking for a place to display your product please consider IoW Community Market Center. There is no flat monthly rate, instead rent is based on a percentage of sales. SL economy can be so unpredictable that it seemed only fair to take that into consideration.

    The plan is pretty simple, if the merchant makes money IoW gets between 5% and 15% depending on locations and prims. If the merchant does not make money the merchant owes nothing until he does. The market only makes money when the merchant does.

    The market can provide a vendor board on request.

  • City Hall

    City Hall houses our esteemed Mayor, Gracie St. Possum and Chief of Police (I AM THE LAW) Mea Andretti. Mayor St. Possum has a mailbox where you are able to drop her a note, and Chief Andretti has a special mug shot area for photo ops.
  • Bingo Comes to Isle of Wyrms!

    Our first week of Bingo was a success and we expect that crowds will soon be gathering each week for this well-liked game. Today's winners from round one were The Changeling, Zoni, and Jan Ross. Round two winners were Cassia Cinnamon, Sleepy Waffle and Jan Ross. Congratulations to all our winners. Come out next Thursday at 2 PM SLT and try your luck!.
  • January, 2018
  • Tiny Wood Squares Rocks!

    We had three terrific rounds of Tiny Woods Squares today - Seth Stratten won round one, Philberta Susa won round three and round two was a draw. Join us next Sunday for another crazy, fun and never-fails-to-surprise Tiny Wood Squares.
  • Bingo!

    Weekly Bingo is here!

    Join us at 2 PM SLT every Thursday for two rounds of Bingo. There will be $L prizes for the first three winners of each round!

  • Climbing in the Isle of Wyrms

    Hi! its Kath McGill the IOW Librarian here with some info for the large dragon owners,

    Did you know your dragons can climb? Yes! they Can! Not just uphill , but also Straght up, upside down, over and all sorts of scary spectatular death defying feats of wonder!!

    How does one climb?

    Certain Adult dragons have claws located in their hud! Enable the claws and begin your journey!!

    Where can you climb?

    Pretty much anywhere in the IOW as long as it isn't a private residence!! More on that later!

    What happens if I slip??

    Well, if your lucky you can get your grip back, but if not... well, AAAHHAAGGHHAAAAAAHHHA (just joking. Fly is enabled in most of the IOW)

    Can I take a passenger when I climb?

    Yes and no.

    Yes if your saddle has your rider sitting on your back, no if your rider is held in your claws.

    Are there any rules?

    Well, the best one is to relax and have fun with this. Another would be, if you fall, do the climb over so that you can learn what you did wrong and correct it, rather than catching yourself and re attaching at a different point. Good and great climbs come with practice!!!

    Basic climb. The grounds of the Abby of Archaea. and the Abby itself.
    (while some of the rooms are private residences as long as you do not enter the second story floors its ok.

    Your climb begins here Start Climb

    Starting at the Grotto of Kath & Ryu make a right out of the grotto to the dock post once you have reached the dock you may chose to climb to the top of the aquarium or try the Abby challenge, up the corner face of it to the art gallery opening then down the steps to the ball room , then down to the undercroft with out touching any of the floors.

    The cathedral of the IOW. Semi Challenging!


    The outside front of the cathedral up to the bell towers has always been a delightful challenge for the climbing enthusest! its up up up to the bell tower and back down with out losing your grip, and once you accomplish that, its upside down to the cathedral dome where you can hang out for a while with fellow climbers!

    The Tower of Suilven
    More advanced!
    Tower of Suilven

    this is one you may need to do some planning on , but it's pretty straight forward, up, around and then back down!! Watch your step!!

    this climb goes up to 1205 feet. take a breath and rest before you go back down again!!!

    advanced level of climb
    Archaea's Spire, 1054 feet. a bit more complex than Sulivens tower

    your climb starts here Archaea's Spire

    while shorter than the tower on Suilven, this has many many areas that you will need to climb upside down and over and up and sideways! it also has an inside to climb as well!!

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