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  • November, 2018
  • Limbo Village Rental - #4 Bacon Blvd

    This lovely cottage can be yours for just $L20 a week for 25 prim. you can see it here.
  • Limbo Village Rental - #2 Bacon Blvd

    This lovely cottage can be yours for just $L20 a week for 25 prim. you can see it here.
  • New Housing Areas In Limbo Village

    We are putting the finishing touches on TWO new housing areas in Limbo Village! Who wouldn't want to live on Waffle Street, Bacon Blvd., Crazy Kitty Blvd. or Bunneh Way? Stop by and check it out!

    You can see the village for yourself here.
  • The Hatchies Are Back!

    After a short time of unavailability, Daryth Kennedy's dragon hatchie avatars are available at the second life market. You can find them here. All proceeds go to support IoW.
  • New Isle of Wyrms Gift Shop Needs Your Donations

    Greetings Creators!

    Isle of Wyrms is setting up a Gift Shop as a fund raising venue to help cover sim costs.

    We are contacting people like you who might be willing to help by donating full perm creation(s) for us to sell. We will of course sell the merchandise according to your TOS with C/M/T as you specify.

    All types of PG items would be appropriate.

    Please send your merchandise along with a notecard with the Item(s) names, your name, and your TOS to: Isleofwyrmsop Resident

    You can visit the Gift Shop here.
  • We Welcome Donations

    Did you know that it takes about $390.00 U.S. dollars a month to keep Isle of Wyrms up and running? There are several ways that you can help. You could make a donation to IsleOfWyrms@gmail.com in Paypal, or feed our pots with the green flames that area located throughout the sim. You can also volunteer to host an event that will bring others who may be potential donors to the sim. Help us maintain our Dragon hoard so that we can continue to enjoy the lovely Isle of Wyrms.
  • New IoW Transportation Hub!

    Onix has put in an awesome transportation hub in IoW - It will take you the Welcome Center, IoW Market, Cathedral, Gameday and the Concert Venue. Look for the big spinning circles.
  • Fundraising for Skippy

    Pieni has a terrific picture of Skippy waiting for you to take home for the very reasonable sum of L$100 which will be donated to Skippy to help defray medical costs that occurred. You can find the donations box here near the Tinywood Squares game in Limbo.
  • October, 2018
  • Halloween Events at Isle of Wyrms

    We have lots of fun events planned for you this Halloween!

    Our Haunted House is open for business! Take a walk through it here.

    A halloween-themed Labyrinth holds prizes to find inside! While you are there, snag a free halloween balloon from the cart outside.

    Short on lindens? Stop by IoW on October 26th and look for our linden-loaded pumpkins to stuff your pockets! This will be an IoW-wide event.

    Our Halloween Party at the Dragon Volcano offers live music, a candy corn hunt, trivia and prizes. Be sure to stop by on October 27th from 12 - 2 PM

    Happy Halloween Everyone!
  • Helping Paws Concert for Skippy a Success!

    Over 40 avatars gathered at the Limbo Village concert venue Sunday to help raise money to help our Skippy McSkipperson. Skippy has run into some health issues and has no insurance so tinies did what they do best and gathered for their friend to raise money in an effort to help. The event started with a terrific hour-long concert by Keeba and the Tiny Maniacs. Unfortunately Songbird was unable to perform due to software issues, but DJ Ing stepped in and had everyone stomping their paws to her tunes. The current total raised is L$61,379 (about $245.52) but the tip jars will be out all week so everyone has time to visit them and contribute. All together, it was a very special event for a very special friend.
  • Helping Paws Concert for Skippy

    Join us today (13 Oct) at 1 PM for a Helping Paws Concert for Skippy. We have Keeba and Miss Longtail lined up to entertain you! Tinies helping tinies - does it get any better than that? Here is your taxi to the pawty
  • Sand Castle Build Contest Winners

    The winners were announced for the Sand Castle Build Contest on September 24th. From eight participants, the first place winner was Celeste auer. Second place was awarded to Kath McGill and third place was awarded to Fionafei. Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to the other participants and those who came out to vote.
  • September, 2018
  • Scales and Tails Dragon Party

    Join us on the first Friday of every month for our new Scales and Tails Dragon Party. Come with your dragon avatar, or any piece of prim that relates to or about a dragon. This will be open air so there will be lots of room for wing waving and claw stomping fun. Our first party is October 5th at 2 PM.

    For those of you who would like to wear a dragon avatar but do not have one yet, here are a few options:

    Isle of Wyrms Welcome Center - Free Hatchlings

    Daryth Kennedy Hatchlings

    Dragon Forge Dinkie Dwagon

    Grendel's Children Dragon Avatars

    Prehistorica Dragon
  • Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing Returns to Market

    On September 6, Isle of Wyrms Birthday/Rezz Day fishing returned to its original location in the marketplace. A nice crowd joined together for the return, and some larger pots were seen to mark the occasion. Here are our winners:

    Round 1: Akay, Magnek, Jan, Demrias and Anna
    Round 2: Jan, Demrias, Akay, Annaa and Magnek
    Round 3: Magnek, Jan, Akay, Demrias, and Annaa

    The return to the Markket is permanent and the former location near the Cathedral will be used in rotation for hammy's Sunday fishing.

    Join us next Birthday/Rezz Day Fishing on Wednesday, October 3rd at 3 PM.

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