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  • January, 2018
  • Isle of Wyrms Bookshop

    Hi its Kath McGill the IOW Librarian wanting to tell you about something really cool, the IOW Book Shop!

    The IOW Book Shop is located in the undercroft of the Abby of Archaea!

    Isle of Wyrms Book Shop

    This is a real book shop with real books that you can purchase via visiing links to Amazon!

    Ok, I know your scratching your head on this as to how it all fits into the IOW! Well, the authors are members of the IOW ! By purchasing their books you are helping to support their writing in RL, and, the books are awesome reads!

    The first one is the wonderful Miss Elinore Caiman Sands who has won awards for her science fiction writing! You might also know her as Daisy the Gator!! Daisy has been noming her way through the books for a while and they are all an enjoyable read.

    The second author is Miss Cully Andel who has won several awards in SL for her writing and has ventured out into the RL with "The Adventures of Cully and MJ A Day at the Beach"

    There will be more authors added to the book shop so stop on by and take a look at what is on the shelves!
  • IoW Print Shop

    Hi, its Kath McGill the IOW LIbrarian wanting to tell you about some thing really cool, the IOW PRINT SHOP located in the Undercroft of the Abby of Archaea!

    Isle of Wyrms Print Shop

    What is the IOW Print Shop?
    Well, for anyone who has had the desire to have their writing published the IOW Print Shop is the way to go!

    How does it work?

    It all starts with an idea, and then a note card or two!
    followed by a conversation with the printer and having the idea of the story worked out, then from the note card it gets dropped into a series of programs which will then generate a lovely SL book for the author!

    Are there more details?

    Yes, and there are some restrictions of what can be printed as well.

    Ok, the book has been printed in SL, so what now?

    First, a copy of the book is made avalible in the librarys (Iow & Raglan Shire) , It will not be for sale, but it will be free to view for anyone.
    Should the author wish to sell the book they are free to do so, As well, if they are interested in selling it on Amazon, a link to their author page will be placed within the book sellers shop.

    How much does this cost?

    The service to create the books are free! There may be a nominal upload charge for the images but something may be able to be worked out.

    An additional option to this publication is to have a single image created and a note card dispenser placed inside.

    Whats the next step?

    Create the note card! you will find a red mail box next to the printing press, just drop it in there and some one from the staff will get back to you , it's that simple!!

  • Kath McGill Introduction

    Hi! My name is Kath McGill and I am the IOW Librarian!
    You might see me as a black leopard, or a humongus dragon, or a dancing tiny hippo on stage or even a white ferret running around, but its me!

    I am a mentor in the IOW, and have been in SL since 2006. I am married in RL to Elder Guardian Ryu Darragh (the microdrake blue berry loving dragon) and while I am not always about during events, I am happy to assist in any way I can for information!

    Yes! the IOW has a library with real books and tons of fun for everyone! It is located in the undercroft of the Abby of Archaea.

    Isle of Wyrms Library
  • For Rent: 106 Refuge

    This cozy cottage has its own fireplace and is just $L50 for 50 prim! It could be yours today - you can visit it here.
  • For Rent: 104 Refuge

    This lovely tree stump rental is available! Just L$100 for 100 prims. You can visit it here.
  • Impromptu Bowling Results in Winner!

    The new Isle of Wyrms bowling game is seeing a lot of action! Chance Leitner won with a high score of 236, Opal Straaf came in second with 222, and snow Scarmon had 130.
  • Tinywood Squares

    Join us every Sunday at 10:30 AM for Tinywood Squares.

    This scripted game consists of a 3 × 3 vertical stack of open-faced cubes, each occupied by a famous or not-so-famous tiny seated at a desk and facing two contestants. They are asked questions by the host, and the contestants judge the truth of their answers to gain squares in the right pattern to win the game.
  • Fishing January 21, 2018

    Hammy hosted three rounds of unbaited fishing and spun some great tunes today! Our lucky winners were:

    Round 1:
    First: Ing
    Second: Jan
    Thrid: Demrias
    Fourth: Ukaleq
    Fifth: Otter

    Round 2:
    First: Ukaleq
    Second: ImogeneSer
    Third: Cora
    Fourth: LittleAbs
    Fifth: Jan

    Round 3:
    First: LittleAbs
    Second: Otter
    Third: ImogeneSer
    Fourth: Zoni
    Fifth: Ukaleq
  • Puzzle of Fortune

    The Puzzle Of Fortune is a word puzzle game fun and addictive!

    Choose your letters and guess the sentence! Have fun with the Puzzle Of Fortune!

    - you can play from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 players for each table;
    - each player must wear the HUD of the game in order to participate (you will receive it by sitting at the table, or by clicking the "HUD" icon);
    - the owner can set some settings directly from the panel of the game as:
    - language (English, Italian);
    - permissons (only players who wear the same group as the table can start the game, anyone can start the game).

    ** THIS GAME HAS NO BETTING OR PAYOUT OPTIONS. This is to comply with the new Skill Gaming policy starting September 1st, 2014. **
  • Games! Games! Games!

    We have LOTS of games:

    Bowling (New)
    Can't Stop
    Clued Up
    Greedy Greedy
    Puzzle of Fortune (New)
    Whack a Mole
  • December, 2017

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