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  • February, 2018
  • For Rent: 112 Refuge

    112 Refuge is a lovely hobbit style cottage and is just waiting to make you feel at home! It can be yours for L$50 a week for 100 prim.
  • Isle of Wyrms Photo Contest

    All photos must be rezzed no bigger than 2.000 x 2.000 at the party location, by 12 PM February 24th.

    Photos must be dragon or Isle of Wyrms related, and be taken within one of its regions: Archaea, Cathedral, Isle of Gazoo, Limbo, Suilven and Wyrmhaven.

    Original artwork only.

    Categories are color and black and white. Each category will have four winners. First prize is $L1000, second prize is L$500, third prize is L$300 and fourth prize is $L200. The judges will be from the Isle of Wyrms staff.
  • For Rent: 102 Rufuge

    102 Refuge is a homey tree stump cottage conveniently located near the wide selection of games that Isle of Wyrms offers. Its a deal at L$100 a week for 100 prim.
  • Toady's Upcoming Class: Happy Hearts Music Box

    Tomorrow's class will be a mesh music box where both the key and the heart rotate! It will have many choices of sayings and you can use your own textures if you prefer. Get your taxi to the build site from the calendar. See you February 13 at 5 PM!
  • Magic's Parcel K Large Hobbit Style

    Magic's Parcel K Large Hobbit Style is a grand but homey Hobbit style home that includes a fireplace. It can be yours for L$424 for 400 prim.
  • For Rent: Cottage Lot # 7 Hobbit Style

    Cottage Lot #7 Hobbit Style is a cozy home is perfectly sized for a Tiny or Dinky! It can be yours for just L$100 a week for 100 prim.
  • For Rent: Cottage Lot # 7

    Cottage Lot #7 is a lovely space with that comes with a fireplace and a lot of charm. It can be yours for L$100 a week for 100 prim.
  • This Week's Bingo Winners

    We had another great week of Bingo with a larger than usual L$100 for each winner. Our lucky players were:

    Round 1: Anna Littleboots, Jan Ross, and sleepy Waffle.
    Round 2: hammy, Jan Ross, sleepy Waffle.

    Congrats to all our winners. We hope to see you all come out next week.
  • Toady Nakamura Introduction

    Toady has been teaching in SL since March 2007, every week at least one class, but for a few emergencies and class breaks. Class is for beginner on up... sometimes people who can't build at all observe a class or two, take home the notes and supplies, practice and by week three or four, they're just as good as everyone else! Class makes scripted objects that do things, not just stuff that sits there. Questions answered, riverdances danced... almost 11 years now!! Toady says, "I hope my class is kinda combination montessori school and Beijing Opera -then I feel successful, and everyone learns... because you learn more when you laugh"

    Toady's class is at the Isle of Wyrms sandbox every Tuesday at 5pm. There is no reservation or fee requirement, but tips are welcome. You can find out more about Toady and her classes in her blog.
  • February Birthday and Rezday Fishing

    Hammy hosted three terrific baited rounds of fishing and spun some amazing tunes during IoW's monthly Birthday and Rezday event. The winners of the three rounds were

    Round 1: Jan Ross, Cora Heslop, Demrias Amaranth, ImogeneSeraphine and Ing Thor
    Round 2: Flutterbat, Demrias Amaranth, Cora Heslop, Jan Ross, and Magnek Fang
    Round 3: Magnek Fang, Demrias Amaranth, Jan Ross, Ing Thor, and Elaness

    Join us March 7th for the next Birthday and Rezday fishing event.
  • Toady's Tuesday Classes

    Every Tuesday at 5 pm, well known SL educator Toady Nakamura holds a build class in the Isle of Wyrms sandbox. This week's class, held February 6 was how to make a Cupid's Bow & Arrow that was comprised of a new mesh arrow and four prim bow, that when shot, arrows stick to targets, make sound and particles!! Toady provided full notes, materials & supplies. You can keep up with Toady's schedule on her blog.

  • For Rent: 110 Refuge

    For just $L100 a week for 100 prim, you get a lovely stump house in the country side. You can visit it here.
  • For Rent: 108 Refuge

    For just $L300 a week for 250 prim, you get a lovely stump house in the country side. You can visit it here.
  • Limbo Village Offers Low Cost Housing

    Looking for a lovely place to call home with lots of other Tinies? Limbo Village might be the place for you. Check out our Limbo Village map, take a stroll around the place and let the staff know if you have any questions.
  • How Much Is That?

    Ever wonder what you are really paying for rent (or for that matter, anything) in Second Life? It will of course be effected by changes to the exchange rate, but here is how it looks on average.

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