Paws in the Park  

Paws in the Park

Paws in the Park is to let people create pet memorials to show how important their pet is or was to them. The pet can be real life or second life and can be live or deceased. Any non-human species qualifies. Entries must include at least one photo and a short description of the pet and its importance to the owner. Pet owners are allowed to create up to three displays. More than one pet can be memorialized on one display providing it stays within the prim allowance.

Locations along the sidewalk in Limbo Park have been designated for each entry. Only one person will be allowed to create a display in each location. This will be a first come – first serve reservation system so be early if you have a specific site that you want to use. A L$10 deposit is required to reserve a display area. THE $L10 WILL BE RETURNED once the display has been set up. If a person reserves a display but does not create a memorial, the funds will not be returned.

Each display is allowed 10 prim. One must be a photo or photos of the pet that includes a notecard relating the pat’s significance to the owner. Set up will be from July 13 – 19. The site must be completed by July 20th and remain through August 3rd. Contestants are encouraged to promptly remove their items after August 3rd. First, Second and Third place prizes will be awarded based on creativity, imagination and meaning. The prizes will be awarded July 20 in the amounts of L$300, L$200 and L$100.

Paws in the Park will be kicked off with a Fur Ball on July 20 from 1-3 at the Limbo Heights Mosh Pit (Bingo area). We will have music, pet trivia, and a contest for the best outfit with fur and the best avatar with fur. Each prize winner will receive $L500.

There will also be a poetry contest. Submissions will be received from July 20 – August 2d and should be sent on a notecard titled POETRY ENTRY (Full Name of Submitter) to Ingwaz Thor. The topic of the poem must be about pets or a pet and be at least 9 lines. Winners will be judged on style and meaning. First, Second and Third place poetry prizes will be awarded by a Jury of 3. Prizes will be $L300, $L200 and $L100. Winners will be announced on August 3rd.

These contests are consecutive but separate. Any interested person can enter all or parts of the Paws in the Park events.

Any questions, permissions or requests for refunds should be addressed to Ingwaz Thor.