Sit my dear young ones and I will tell you a tale.

Long ago, when dragons first walked the land. There was a vast continent that they called their home. The Isle of Wyrms had stood from time immemorial when the great volcano spewed forth and the lands collided to make one whole land mass. The isles flourished with all manner of creatures walking and flying upon it. From dragon to Hedgehog, the land was at peace. There were festivals and song, with many just sitting and talking of their days. The Great Cathedral sat above the now cooling lava of the Volcano, suspended above the fiery liquid by great chains.

To the south of Cathedral was Limbo field and market, where people would sell their wears or just relax and perhaps do some fishing in Dragon Lake. The people were always friendly; ready to lend a guiding hand to those that had travelled across the seas to see such a wondrous place. Even Further North the land of Equus, the land of the Horse where herd after herd roamed free of tether. Even the Basilisk whom all young ones must be wary of, was at peace with its nature living in the dark tunnels of the isles. They all thought this Golden Age would never end but as with all things in this world, it was not to last.

The land started to shake, hardly noticeable at first, a slight rumble that shook the caves and made little rocks bounce before it died away and was forgotten. All too soon the land voiced its displeasure, it groaned and bucked as the Volcano came alive spewing forth burning lava to sear the once fertile land. They tried to flee, but the lands once bound together by solidified lava, shattered like glass, ripping the isles asunder. No place was safe as the lands bowed before nature’s force. The dragons prayed to the Great Goddess Tiamat for deliverance, but she could do nothing to help her children. But then the Great Hedgie Wyrm Daryth flew down from her home with the Great Elder Wyrm Onix by her side and Elder Wyrm Helena on the other.

The Great Hedgie Wyrm cave a great rallying cry, calling all the dragons to gather to help those who could not fly. In masses not seen before the dragons took to the sky, carrying all they could upon their backs. Hovering above the shaking land they watched as the lands they called their home was laid to ruin. As the smoke cleared, and a new sun dawned, the exhausted dragons, after being awing all night, saw that only two isles remained intact enough. Tir infernos was the larger of the landmasses to survive the mountain that had once held Cathedral now was insurmountable. The dragons returned with tales that the cathedral was now too unstable to inhabit the great chains having given way and the land covered with hot lava. Tir Na Cre had lost much of itself to the sea, now becoming an island. There was an Ominous feel flowing from Tir Na Cre, carried on the wind as a dark smell that made all fear to go near the island. The Great Hedgie Wyrm declared all the isles past the two stable isles out of bounds, as she feared for the people’s safety.

Many sought refuge in the still standing Turtle shell village and started to rebuild their lives. They met, and talked of all that had passed and of the strange feeling coming from Tir Na Cre. Soon strange things were noticed on the border of Tir Infernus to Tir Na Cre, strange traps started to appear. Hearing of these incidents the Great Hedgie Wyrm sent a party of dragons to Tir Na Cre. Out of the three noble dragons that left, only one returned and told a terrible tale. There, spewing from the northern part of the land was a great darkness, a taint that changed one of the dragons, it became evil wanting to do evil deeds. Breathing on the other dragon it too was corrupted.

So be wary my young ones, for the tainted ones may get you. Listen to your mothers and the Great Elders, remain pure of heart and protect these lands. For these are all we have. Only the pure light of the Great Goddess Tiamat can protect us from the tainted.