Do we have events? You betcha! We have weekly reoccurring parties, bingo, Tinywood Squares, fishing, plus theme events like our recent Sock Hop dance and costume contest, Luau, and My Favorite Things fashion show. We have our calendar in the dance pavilion in group games, and post notices of upcoming events on our Facebook page. With the variety and frequency of our events, you are sure to find something to do!


If you enjoy scripted group games then Isle of Wyrms is the place to go. We have a large number of game tables for free use. If your call to the Isle of Wyrms chat fails to bring in other players, some of the games are equipt with player bots. Use them at your own risk, however, because the word on the street is that they cheat! :) Looking for some solitary fun? There are solo games in Limbo Heights for you to use.


The Isle of Wyrms market has nineteen stalls and wall space for approximately 22 vendors. There is no rental fee to merchants, except a 5 percent commission on all sales. The market is used for 7seas fishing each week with a large number of participants able to view the shops. Shoppers will find a wide variety of items to purchase that appeal to dragons, tinies, dinkies and humans. Contact Rejara for leasing information.


Looking for a place to build? Or learn how to build? The Isle of Wyrms has sandbox space for you to use free of charge. On Tuesdays at 5 PM it is also home to Toady's weekly building class. Check out Toady's class schedule here. Please pick up when you are done. The sandbox is cleaned once a week. If you need a longer rezz time contact Izo Ryba or Snow Scarmon.


Isle of Wyrms is a very big place! To help you get around we have installed a quark transport system. They are located all around the sim and even over to our friends in the Havens. Look for a blue ball on a pedestal. You will have to give approval once in each region and then use it without further popup approval requests. The transportation system is a great way to explore what Isle of Wyrms has to offer!