REJARA (IoW Menor)

Hai dere!!

I'm Rejara, and I luv bein' a bunneh!! More often than not I'm running around SL as a furry lil bunny, lookin' for mischief, or cuddlez! I luvs me dem cuddlez!!!

I manage the Isle of Wyrms marketplace, and so far, have had a great time doing it! Lots of people to see, and even moar items to buy! My poor wallet... But, YAY goodies!

While I do have a cave that I live in, I can usually be found somewhere around the games tables at Limbo Village. Hop on over and visit the cave, always filled with great nahms and a warm fire, or stop and play a game with me (and the others) at the games area!

I look forward to meeting ya!
Hugz 'n cuddlez!

~ Rej